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airMAX - Activating FCC Revised UNII Rules


This article describes the process of requesting the FCC labels and activation code as well as how to activate them in the user interface.

ATTENTION: The FCC Label Request program closed on the date of December 31, 2019. Click here to read the announcement.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. FCC Grant Comparison: Old and New
  3. How to Activate Revised UNII Rules
  4. Related Articles


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airMAX AC devices have existed through two separate FCC grants. The first AC devices were shipped under old rules that only allowed use in the UNII3 band. Since airMAX AC’s release, the devices were certified under the new grant that allows the use of UNII1, UNII2, and UNII3.

This has caused some confusion with users who bought early devices and are now deploying newer devices that are certified under the most current rules.

FCC Grant Comparison: Old and New

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For example, you may have Access Point (AP) and Station devices that are only using the UNII3 band, and now need to replace the old AP with a new AP. The new AP has the entire 5GHz band enabled, but the older stations do not.

If you set the AP to something outside of the original band 5735 to 5840, your older station devices will no longer connect to that AP.

Here is the frequency scan list of an older device; it is fairly limited by the original grant:


On the other hand, this is the Control Frequency List of a device activated and operating on the newest FCC rules:


The benefit of these new rules is that admins are allowed to choose from many more channels and provides the option to easily work around interference.

Devices currently manufactured are already activated. All airMAX AC devices are allowed to operate under the new rules and it is recommended to activate these rules on all devices to avoid confusion and to have access to a much broader spectrum.

How to Activate Revised UNII Rules

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1. Navigate to the FCC Label Request form and enter the requested information.

2. Ubiquiti will ship the new labels if required to the address provided, along with the unlock code.

3. Once you have the unlock activation code, apply it on the System tab of the devices that need to be activated and stick the new label to the device (if required).

This is an example of a device that needs to be activated:Screen_Shot_2019-03-28_at_2.26.03_PM.png

4. Click the Activate button and add the same Company Name provided when requesting the activation code, and the activation unlock code received in the Key field.


5. Click Activate. Once activated, the device will begin operating under the revised UNII rules and will match all newly shipped airMAX equipment.

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