UISP Fiber - How to Enable Inband Management

Readers will learn how to enable the Inband Management feature in order to manage and monitor the UFiber OLTs from the SFP+ uplink port(s).

Applicable to the v4.0.0+ UFiber firmware on the UF-OLT models.
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Using the Inband Management Feature

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By default, the UFiber OLTs are managed through the dedicated management port. Administrators can choose to enable the Inband Management feature, which allows the management IP address to become reachable over a VLAN on the SFP+ uplink port.

NOTE: The default IP address that is associated with the management interface of the OLT is192.168.1.1. Starting from the v4.1.0 firmware, this has been changed to DHCP with a fallback IP address of


Example scenario for managing the UFiber OLT through the SFP+ uplink port using VLAN1.

Follow the steps below to enable the Inband Management feature using the OLT Web UI:

GUI: Access the UF-OLT Web UI.

By default, the SFP+ uplink port is configured with VLAN1 set as the native VLAN. The native VLAN can optionally be changed or omitted completely. The SFP+ uplink port can also be configured to tag multiple VLANs, in essence creating a trunk/tagged port.

1. Navigate to the VLANs  vlans.png  tab and verify that the necessary VLANs are either Tagged (T) or Untagged (U) on the SFP+ uplink port(s).

2. If needed, add the necessary VLANs and set them as Tagged (T) or Untagged (U).


Type: Single | Range
VLAN ID: <id>
Name: <name>
NOTE:In this example, the default VLAN1 is set to Untagged (U) on the SFP+ uplink port(s). There is more information about adding and tagging VLANs in the Initial Configuration and Triple-Play Services Using VLANs help center articles.

3. Apply the changes by clicking on the SAVE button.

4. Navigate to the System settings  settings.png  tab to enable the Inband Management feature.

5. Check the Enable management on SFP+ port option and define the VLAN.

Enable management on SFP+ port: Checked
ATTENTION:Use this option with caution as you may create a bridging loop in your network.

6. Save the changes.

To enable Inband Management feature using the Ubiquiti Network Management System (UNMS), follow the steps below:

GUI: Access the UNMS Controller Web Portal.

1. Navigate to the Devices  devices.png  and select the UFiber OLT.

2. Select Ports  ports.png  and modify the configuration of the SFP+ port(s).

Ports > SFP+1 > Configuration

Native VLAN: 1


3. Select Settings  settings.png  and enable the Inband Management feature in the System section.

Settings > System > Inband management

Access from SFP+ port(s): Checked


ATTENTION:Use this option with caution as you may create a bridging loop in your network.

4. Save the changes.

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