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airMAX - PoE Compatibility Table


This table will help with selecting the correct PoE for airMAX and airFiber devices. Most airMAX and airFiber radios come with the required PoE adapter with the exception of the Bullet variants and the NanoStation 5AC Loco.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:When planning to use the PoE Passthrough feature found on the NanoStation M2/M5, NanoStation 5AC or NanoBeam 5AC-GEN2, it will be necessary to add the wattage of both devices. Please see the PoE Adapters Datasheet for more information on all our PoE adapters.

PoE Compatibility Table

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The table below displays the compatible PoE adapters listed downward in the first column, and the airMAX and airFiber devices, listed in the first row. Check marks show which device is compatible with each PoE adapter.

  Legacy Pre-M Devices 24VDC airMAX M 48VDC airMAX M 24VDC airMAX AC Nano Station 5AC Nano Station 5AC loco airFiber 5/5U, 24/24HD, 11FX airFiberX airFiber LTU / 5XHD NanoSwitch 2/4 Pair POE

100 Mbps or

1 Gbps  

POE-15-12W                 2 100 Mbps
POE-24-12W                 2 100 Mbps
POE-24-24W-WH                 2 100 Mbps
POE-24-24W                 2 100 Mbps
POE-48-24W                   2 100 Mbps
POE-48-24W-WH                   2 100 Mbps
POE-24-7W-G-WH                   2 1 Gbps
POE-24-12W-G               2 1 Gbps
POE-24-12W-G-WH               2 1 Gbps
POE-24-24W-G               2 1 Gbps
POE-24-24W-G-WH               2 1 Gbps
POE-24-30W-G-WH                   2 1Gbps
POE-48-24W-G               2 1 Gbps
POE-48-24W-G-WH               2 1 Gbps
POE-24-AF5X                   4 1 Gbps
POE-24-30W                 4 1 Gbps
U-POE-af                       1 Gbps
POE-50-60W                   4 1 Gbps
POE-50-60W-WH                   4 1 Gbps
INS-8023AF-I                   100 Mbps
INS-8023AF-O                   100 Mbps
INS-3AF-I-G                 1 Gbps
INS-3AF-O-G                 1 Gbps
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