UniFi Protect - Enabling Camera SSH Access


This article explains how to enable Secure Shell (SSH) on cameras managed by UniFi Protect.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Enabling SSH on UniFi Protect
  3. Accessing Cameras via SSH
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By default, UniFi Protect disables SSH access on managed cameras for security purposes. However, it may be necessary to enable it to access a camera directly for maintenance or recovery. This article explains how to enable SSH, along with how to access a camera directly via SSH.

Enabling SSH on UniFi Protect

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1. Access the UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus (UCK-G2-PLUS) via SSH. The SSH credentials will be the same as those used to access the Cloud Key's management portal. By default, these credentials will be ubnt/ubnt.

User Tip: Need help with SSH? See this article:Intro to Networking - How to Establish a Connection Using SSH.

2. Once credentials have been accepted, update the system packages and install Nano with the following command:

apt-get update && apt-get install nano -y

3. The following command will open the configuration file for UniFi Protect using Nano and allow editing:

nano /usr/etc/unifi-protect/config.json

4. You should see text like this:

{ "ssl": {
"crt": "/etc/ssl/private/cloudkey.crt",
"key": "/etc/ssl/private/cloudkey.key"
"mbToKeepFree": 32768

Modify the file, adding a line at the end for "enableSsh", to look like this:

{ "ssl": {
"crt": "/etc/ssl/private/cloudkey.crt",
"key": "/etc/ssl/private/cloudkey.key"
"mbToKeepFree": 32768,
"enableSsh": true

5. Use Ctrl+O, followed by Ctrl+X to save the config.json file and exit Nano.

ATTENTION:Please note that when adding the "enableSsh" line, a comma was appended at the end of the previous line (in this case after "mbToKeepFree": 32768). Without this comma, the configuration will not work.

6. Restart UniFi-Protect with one of these commands:

service unifi-protect restart


systemctl restart unifi-protect

Accessing Cameras via SSH

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For additional security, the cameras' password will be different from the rest of the passwords used in UniFi Protect. This password is used for SSH access as well as for migration into another controller. To see the current password, or to change it, navigate to Settings > Device password: Edit


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