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This article lists the ports used for the UniFi Protect line, for both insecure (http), and secure (https) connections. In most cases, it should not be necessary to forward any ports to the UniFi Protect installation. Utilizing https://protect.ui.com is the preferred method to access UniFi Protect when remote.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:All streaming connections will utilize webRTC to facilitate streaming. In most situations, only port 7443 will need to be forwarded to UniFi Protect to facilitate direct, secure access.

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Ports List

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All ports listed in the table below should be forwarded to the UniFi Protect installation. 

ATTENTION:if you have separated the cameras from your UniFi Protect installation, we strongly recommend using a VPN between the two sites.


Type (TCP/UDP)


7080 TCP
7443 TCP
7444 TCP
Camera firmware updates, from controller.
7447 TCP
RTSP via the controller
7550 TCP
Streaming to UFP
7442 TCP

Camera Management

How to Allow Ubiquiti Cloud Use

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In order to make use of the Ubiquiti Cloud, implement the following firewall rules:

  • Allow all UDP from LAN > WAN (to establish outbound connections to the other peer).
  • Allow Solicited Inbound UDP Traffic from WAN > LAN.

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