EdgeSwitch & EdgeSwitch X - How to Sanitize the Configuration


Readers will learn how to properly format and sanitize EdgeSwitch (ES) and EdgeSwitch X (ES-X) configurations to remove all personal and sensitive information.

Applicable to the latest firmware on all EdgeSwitch (ES) and EdgeSwitch X (ES-X) models. Please see the Related Articles below for more information.
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Table of Contents

  1. Downloading the Configuration
  2. Sanitizing the Configuration
  3. Posting the Configuration on the Community
  4. Related Articles

Downloading the Configuration

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The first step is to download the backup archive using the Web UI.

GUI: Access the Web UI on theEdgeSwitch or EdgeSwitch X.

1. Navigate to the Settings  settings.png  to download the backup archive.

Settings > System actions > Backup


2. Download the archive file by clicking on the Backup button.

3. The EdgeSwitch will prompt you to save the configuration to your computer.

NOTE: The backup configuration is named backup-cfgand is included in the hostname.tar.gz archive.

4. Open the hostname.tar.gz archive using a file archival program such as 7-Zip.

5. Extract the backup-cfg file from the archive.

Sanitizing the Configuration

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Now we can modify the contents of the config.boot file in order to sanitize (obscure) any sensitive information. Some examples are:

  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Public IP addresses
  • UNMS connection info
  • Switch hostname
  • Custom banner message

1. Open the cfg-backup file using a text editor.

2. Look for any sensitive information to obscure.

3. Save the edited cfg-backup file.

Posting the Configuration on the Community

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1. Select a blank line and click on the  code.png  icon in the toolbar, converting the line into a code block.

2. Paste the configuration into the code block, and submit.

NOTE:It is recommended to create the code block prior to pasting in the configuration. Reversing the order (pasting the configuration before converting the text to a code block) may affect the line spacing which causes the output to be misaligned.

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