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EdgeSwitch - How to Update the Bootloader


This article explains how to manually update the bootloader on the EdgeSwitch (ES) models.

  • Applicable to the latest firmware on all EdgeSwitch (ES) models.
  • This article does not apply to the EdgeSwitch X (ES-X) and EdgeSwitch XP (ES-XP) models.

Updating the Bootloader on the EdgeSwitch

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ATTENTION:If upgrading from a version before v1.8.0, a second reboot is needed to allow the new bootloader to become active.

The EdgeSwitch bootloader controls functions such as the LED boot behavior, configuration/driver loading and much more. The bootloader version is not updated automatically with a firmware upgrade and must be updated manually.

Follow the steps below to verify and update the EdgeSwitch bootloader:

CLI: Access the Command Line Interface on the EdgeSwitch.

1. Enter privileged mode.


2. View the current bootloader version.

show version bootloader
Querying Active and Backup Software, please wait ....
Running Version................................
Active Version.................................
Backup Version.................................

The EdgeSwitch bootloader uses three different versions:

  • Running Bootloader version that is active.
  • Active Bootloader version that will become active on next boot.
  • Backup Bootloader version stored in memory.

3. Update the bootloader using the command below.

update bootcode active
ATTENTION:This process will take some time to complete. Do not power off or reboot the device during the update process.

4. Reboot the device to apply the new bootloader.


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