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EdgeSwitch & EdgeSwitch X - SFP/SFP+ Interface Options


Readers will learn how to configure inserted SFP/SFP+ modules on an EdgeSwitch (ES) or EdgeSwitch X (ES-X).

Applicable to the latest firmware on all EdgeSwitch (ES) and EdgeSwitch X (ES-X) models. Please see the Related Articles below for more information.
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Defining the SFP/SFP+ Interface Options

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The UFiber Multi-Mode fiber SFP module (UF-MM-1G) will be used to interconnect the EdgeSwitch and the EdgeSwitch X.

The UBNT branded SFP/SFP+ modules and DAC cables are officially supported and compatible with all EdgeSwitch and EdgeRouter models:

1Gbps SFP modules

  • UF-MM-1G Multi-Mode fiber
  • UF-SM-1G-S Single-Mode fiber
  • UF-RJ-45-1G Copper RJ-45

10Gbps SFP+ modules

  • UF-MM-10G Multi-Mode fiber
  • UF-SM-10G Single-Mode fiber
  • UF-SM-10G-S Single-Mode fiber
  • UF-RJ-45-10G Copper RJ-45

10Gbps DAC cables

  • UDC-1 DAC cable (1m)
  • UDC-2 DAC cable (2m)
  • UDC-3 DAC cable (3m)

More information about these modules and DAC cables can be found here. There is more information on how to view the statistics of inserted SFP/SFP+ modules in the Verify SFP/SFP+ Modules article.

The SFP/SFP+ ports can be configured like any other interface. Some of the other options available to the SFP/SFP+ ports are:

  • Forced Duplex/Speed The interface duplex and speed values are set manually.
  • Auto-Negotiate Duplex/Speed Rely on hardware-based Auto-Negotiation to automatically set the duplex and speed.
  • Auto-Detect Duplex/Speed Rely on software-based Auto-Detection to automatically set the duplex and speed (EdgeSwitch only).

If necessary for your setup, follow the steps below to force the duplex/speed on a SFP/SFP+ interface:

GUI: Access the EdgeSwitch and EdgeSwitch X Web UI.

Navigate to the Dashboard  dashboard.png  tab to change the physical mode for the SFP interface in the Port summary section.

Dashboard > Port Summary > Port 9 > Mode > 1Gbps FDX


NOTE:EdgeSwitch (ES) models that support 10Gbps interfaces such as the ES-16-XG will also display the 10Gbps FDX mode.

EdgeSwitch X (ES-X) models will not display the Autodetect mode.

On EdgeSwitch (ES) models, the above configuration can also be set using the CLI:

CLI: Access the EdgeSwitch Command Line Interface.

Enter the following configuration to change the physical mode for port 9:

interface 0/9
no auto-negotiate
speed 1000 full-duplex
write memory

Verify the configuration and physical link status with the command below:

show interfaces status all
                                         Link    Physical    Physical    Flow Control
Port       Name                          State   Mode        Status      Status
---------  ----------------------------  ------  ----------  ----------  ------------
0/9                                      Up      1000 Full   1000 Full   Inactive

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