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This article is applicable to UCRM v2 and will not be updated further. Thenew version of CRM is now part of the UNMS platform, and help articles for that version can be found under the UNMS section. See this article on how to upgrade from UCRM to UNMS.


This article lists the upcoming features on UCRM's roadmap.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Upcoming Features
  3. Custom Extensions
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The UCRM team has opened UCRM development to the feedback of the Community as much as possible. For that reason, it is paramount for users to keep making their UCRM feature requests, and upvoting the requests others have made that they deem most important. In this way users will influence UCRM's plans for new features. The requests most upvoted by the Community are those the developers will prioritize and focus on! To create a new feature request, add the "Feature Request" tag when creating a new topic in the Community.

Upcoming Features

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NOTE: Please keep in mind that the planned features in the table below are not ordered by importance nor by the expected time of implementation.

The UCRM team's top priority is to provide complete billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for WISPs all over the world. They are committed to listening to user feedback and to drive the development of UCRM in a direction that the UCRM Community will appreciate.



UNMS/UCRM Integration

It will be possible to natively run UNMS and UCRM on a single server providing the complete solution for both networking and billing in a single tool. Users will be able to migrate their current UCRM system to the new UNMS & UCRM tool.

Cloud Installation

For users who would like to run UCRM, but they do not have suitable hardware or don't want to bother with installation. The single-click installation on the Ubiquiti Cloud would do the solution for them.

Hardware Inventory

Will keep record of each piece of equipment in the organization. Will keep the full history of assignments to clients or technicians. The devices can be used on UCRM (linked to clients, jobs) and UNMS (for new installation).

Usage Based Billing

New type of automatic billing based on client’s NetfFow data usage.

Usage Based Alerts and Data Caps

Will set data usage caps, surcharges or cut-offs in case of exceeding limits. Will configure early-warning notifications when the data usage reaches specified threshold, e.g. 80% monthly limit.

VoIP Support

Users will be able to import VoIP usage data or any other item-based data. Clients will be invoiced automatically according to: (item count * unit price).

EU Billing Support

Pro-forma invoicing, taxable supply date, reverse charge.

Extensions for Client Leads Management

Support for Sales Accounts when managing their own leads with limited permissions, Stats and Payoffs calculations.

AirLink Integration

More improvements for preliminary site survey for a client lead.

Technician’s Activity Log

Will log and show a comprehensive history of each technician’s jobs and other activities, invoice creating, activities in inventory, all in a single view.

Scheduling & Ticketing Improvements

Scheduling and job assignments on the map, multi-user assignment, more user-friendly add-ons for ticketing.

Plugin Boosting

Will provide a better platform for developers and easier plugin deployment and setup for users. More API extensibility, more improvements to API and UCRM Plugin architecture to provide 100% 3rd-party HW compatibility and integration with any accountant tool, custom payment gateway, etc.

Improvements for Mailing Tool

More handy improvements for the existing email/SMS batch notifications to filtered clients, e.g. clients connected to specified Site / Device.

More Billing Schemes and Options

Weekly, daily periods, more improvements for prepaid services, better default templates, easier template customization.

More Automation for Service Changes

Reactivations, terminations, more client zone self-service actions and options.

Electronic Contracts

Paperless installs and other streamlining features, e.g. use electronic payment for a quote instead of signed contract activating the client and service automatically (usable in some countries).

iOS App

UCRM Mobile version for iOS and further improvements for both the Android and iOS app for technicians. Cooperation with the UNMS mobile app.

More Support for WISP Beginners.

Guides, onboarding, WISP’s website created semi-automatically, etc.

Custom Extensions

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Besides features which are in Ubiquiti's To-Do List there are many features and customizations which can be implemented by the Community plugin developers. Feel free to discuss these with other developers or UCRM users in the UCRM Plugin forum.

  • Custom payment gateway integration
  • Automatic payment imports from various bank accounts
  • Exports and integrations with 3rd party accounting tools
  • Plugins managing 3rd party HW
  • Any Plugin pushing, pulling or modifying data stored in UCRM

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