UniFi Video - Troubleshooting an NVR that Will Not Start


This article will assist in troubleshooting an NVR that will not start: it yields a page with a "Starting Controller Services" message without ever yielding a login page.

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Generally when this occurs, it means the UniFi Video database has become corrupted. Follow the steps below to recover your system. 

Steps to Recover the UniFi Video System

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In certain scenarios, a database that has inconsistent data may cause this error. In most cases, database reset will be required to restore the data and structure without losing vital configuration or prior recordings.

For specific instructions, please review the article appropriate to your NVR operating system:

UniFi Video - How to Reset a UniFi Video Installation for Linux/Hardware NVR

UniFi Video - How to Reset a UniFi Video Installation for Windows

ATTENTION:A backup of the NVR's configuration will be needed to retain all settings. In general, a best practice is to create a backup whenever any additional cameras have been added, a password has been changed, or there has been any other configuration change on the NVR. If at this moment a recent backup is not available, and the UniFi Video UI is inaccessible, find suitable backup files in:
  •  /usr/lib/unifi-video/data/backups/ (UVC-NVR and Linux)
  • C:\ProgramData\unifi-video\data\backups (Windows)

SSH or an FTP client will be needed to obtain a backup from a UVC-NVR or Linux system.

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