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UniFi - Troubleshooting "Managed by Other" Cloud Key Status


This article describes the steps on how to resolve the "Managed by Other" status on the Remote Management Service (

  • This article assumes that local access to the Cloud Key (UCK) is available and that the Super Admin following this troubleshooting guide can log in locally. 
  • Only users with Super Admin roles can disable and enable Remote Access as shown in the Resolution section. See user roles within the UniFi Network application, under Settings > Admins.
  • Devices used in this article:
    • UniFi Cloud Key

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Causes
  3. Resolution
  4. Related Articles


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The UniFi Cloud Key product line offers an easy and convenient means for managing a UniFi Network. The Cloud Key is intended to be used in places where remote access is required and it comes prepared for management over the UniFi remote access dashboard:

Once enabled, UniFi’s remote service associates the UniFi administrator’s SSO login with the Cloud Key device. When a Cloud Key appears "Managed by Other" it typically indicates that the Cloud Key has been configured for remote use with a different SSO account.

In some less common cases, a user may encounter an issue where their Cloud Key appears as “Managed by Other” despite being associated to the correct account. This article will explain how to resolve these issues. 


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The most common cause for a Cloud Key to incorrectly appear as Managed by Other is either that the login used to log in to is not the same that was associated with the UCK, or that the UCK hasn't been granted Remote Access to the UniFi Network application. Verify that the SSO account is correct and that the right account is associated in the application's Settings > Admins section.

Cases where the Cloud Key appeared properly on this account previously, but is now appearing as “Managed by Other”, usually point to a conflict preventing the Cloud Key from being detected correctly by the remote service. This is most often caused by Cloud Key migration, where a backup was restored on a different Cloud Key and both devices are attempting to authenticate to our remote service with the same identifier.


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ATTENTION:Only users with the Super Administrator role can enable and disable Remote Access. See user roles in the UniFi Network application under Settings > Admins.

1. Post-Migration Steps Needed

If this occurrence is happening after migration the device may appear to be changing IPs, going from online to offline, or presenting other similar symptoms. This indicates that the old Cloud Key has not been reset/taken offline. To resolve this, simply reset the Cloud Key back to factory defaults and unplug it to prevent conflict between the two Cloud Keys.

2. Disable and Re-Enable Remote Access

After verifying that the SSO account is correct, that Remote Access has been enabled and assigned to the proper account, and that the issues are unrelated to migration, this may indicate that the device is in a corrupt state with the remote service.

To resolve this quickly, simply disable and re-enable Remote Access by going to UniFi Network's Settings > Remote Access, and clicking the button labeled Disable and Remove Remote Access in the bottom right corner of the screen.

To re-enable, set Enable Remote Access to ON. Log in with your SSO login and go to to confirm the issue is resolved.

Issue Still Not Resolved

1. Collecting Remote Status Logs from Network application

If the issue is still not resolved, you may want to collect more information to help pinpoint the exact issue. To do this:

  • Go to Settings >Maintenance > Services > Log Level, change Remote Access to Debug, and click Apply.
  • Attempt to disable and re-enable the Remote Access again, once finished, grab the server.log file from the application and look for error messages related to Remote Access. If you need help locating that file you can use this article.
  • After you enable logs you can also find then in the Insights tab filtering by application logs and you can download from here too.
  • An error that resembles the following may be logged:
<webapi-10> WARN  sdn - failed to register controller to SDN:

If you identify an error message and wish to report, please contact support and relay the logs/error message noted.

2. Reset & Restore

At this point, you may opt to reset your Cloud Key and restore from a backup. This will resolve most residual errors related to a corrupt Cloud Key backup. Follow the steps in this article: 

UniFi - Troubleshooting Offline Cloud Key and Other Stability Issues

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