UniFi Video - Troubleshooting Cloud Connections


This article includes the most common issues that arise with UniFi Video connections done over the cloud. Cloud connections with UniFi Video are those done via https://video.ui.com/.

Table of Contents

  1. NVR Doesn't Appear When Accessing Via Cloud
  2. Cannot Connect to NVR Via Cloud
  3. Issues Adopting NVR to Cloud
  4. Related Articles

NVR Doesn't Appear When Accessing Via Cloud

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After logging in to https://video.ui.com, a prompt to Select NVR with a list of NVR options should appear. If an NVR is missing from that list, follow these steps:

NOTE:This only applies if for NVRs that have previously been adopted to Ubiquiti Cloud. Otherwise the appropriate step would be to click on Set Up New NVR.

Solution Steps

  1. Log in to your UVC-NVR locally via its IP address. If you don't know what the IP address of the NVR is, find it using the Ubiquiti Discovery Tool (Download Chrome App).
  2. Verify that you are logged in with the email address of the Super Admin as seen in the Users section of the UniFi Video Controller.
  3. Check to make sure the NVR is still adopted via the NVR UI in Settings.  

Cannot Connect to NVR Via Cloud

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After the NVR has been successfully adopted via video.ui.com, if the NVR is inaccessible via Cloud, determine the NVR has a red or green status icon in video.ui.com. The red or green status indicates whether or not the NVR is connected to the Ubiquiti cloud. Many times, even an NVR with a red (disconnected) status could still be fully functional, aside from the loss of Cloud access.

Solution Steps

Red Status. This means that your NVR is not reaching out to Cloud. Follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  • Check the UI Status page to see if there is any issue on our side.
  • Verify that the name of the NVR as shown in the UniFi Video Controller's Settings matches how it appears in video.ui.com.
  • If the NVR in question was restored from another UVC-NVR, it should be re-adopted. To do so, select the NVR that is inaccessible and click "Remove selected NVR". Then proceed to re-adopt the NVR to the Cloud.
  • Use this guide for best networking practices: UniFi-Video - Ports Used.

Green Status.

If your NVR has a green status, but you still cannot connect to your NVR, that means the the NVR is connected to Ubiquiti Cloud, but the device being used and the NVR can't reach each other. See this guide for best networking practices: UniFi-Video - Ports Used to fix this issue.

Issues Adopting NVR to Cloud

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Solution Steps

  1. Make sure that all outbound Ports from the NVR are open and available, as per UniFi-Video - Ports Used.
  2. This functionality makes use of some special features of ES6. It is recommended to use Google Chrome for best results.
  3. Try clearing the browser cache and try an incognito window as well. Some browser extensions may interfere with this functionality.

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