airMAX - Troubleshooting Unexpected Reboots


This article will cover steps that can be taken to resolve Unexpected Reboots.  In airOS versions v5.6.7+ (airOS M) and v8.0+ (airOS AC), a crash reporter was added to help track down unexpected reboot causes and report them to developers.

Symptom and Steps to Troubleshoot

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Symptom: Upon logging into a radio that has experienced an Unexpected Reboot, you will be greeted by one of the following images.  This means the radio has restarted on its own to a Crash Reporter

airMAX AC:


airMAX M:


Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Check Firmware: Confirm the radios are running the latest firmware. Find the latest firmware in our Downloads section or verify if their is an upgrade available in the airOS web UI under System > Firmware > Check now.

2. Check PoE Source: Replace PoE source with a PoE that has been confirmed to be functioning well, as unstable power can trigger crash reports. Firmware versions earlier than 5.6.7/8.0 did not notify users of unexpected reboots.

3. Check Ethernet cable and connection: Inspect and test the ethernet segment between the radio and PoE. Faulty ethernet connection can trigger unexpected reboots. Confirm that specific ethernet cable is working with other devices.

4. If after checking steps #1 through #3 unexpected reboots are still being experienced, please submit the crash log report to support@ui.com. Include a contact email address and mention having followed and checked steps 1 through 3 of this article.

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