UniFi Video is an obsolete product line.

This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video.

Introduction to UniFi

The goal of UniFi is to simplify IT. We do this by engineering state-of-the-art networking, security, communication, and organizational solutions that pair with powerful management software specifically designed to deliver highly streamlined and intuitive user experiences. With UniFi, you can manage your deployments locally or from anywhere in the world!

UniFi Applications

The UniFi application suite is thoughtfully constructed to serve a wide variety of technological needs within your home or business:

  • UniFi Network - Build powerful home and enterprise networks with high-performance UniFi Switches, Gateways, and Wireless Access Points. Monitor client usage, set custom traffic rules, and much more.
  • UniFi Protect - A plug-and-play camera security platform where you can view live surveillance streams, record and store footage, set custom detection logic, and personalize how you are notified of captured activity.
  • UniFi Talk - A fully featured, affordable, subscription-based VoIP phone solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • UniFi Access - A state-of-the-art access control system for home and business applications. It supports conventional electric bolts/strikes, magnetic locks, and 12V (1 Amp) access accessories, such as motion sensors, push buttons, and alarms. With Access, you can easily manage users, visitors, schedules, and access policies.

UniFi OS

UniFi OS Consoles run our operating system, UniFi OS, which hosts our UniFi application suite. We strongly recommend running applications with a console since they are specifically designed to optimize your CPU and memory usage while also maximizing your data security and privacy. 

Note: While some users choose to self-host their UniFi Network application, we do not recommend self-hosting unless you have advanced knowledge of computer engineering, networking, and data security. Invalid configurations may lead to system crashes, poor performance, and compromised network security.

Some UniFI OS Consoles, like the Dream Router and Dream Machine Pro, also provide gateway functionality. Others, like the Cloud Key, serve only as an application host and are used in tandem with our Next-Gen Gateway Pro (UXG Pro), or a third-party gateway. We also offer Network Video Recorders (UNVR), specifically designed to host UniFi Protect and manage a large number of security cameras. 

Your ideal console will depend on your system’s architecture and applications. For more details, please see our recommendations in Which Ubiquiti UniFi OS Console is Right For Me?

Adopting Devices

Device adoption is the process of linking a device to its respective UniFi application so it can be managed within the platform. While in its factory-default state, UniFi devices will broadcast “beacons” throughout the network it is connected to. Once discovered by a UniFi application, you will be able to initiate its adoption either from the web application or the corresponding mobile app. For more details, see Device Adoption.

A device can only be managed by one application at a time. If you have multiple UniFi OS Consoles or application hosts connected to the same network, they may detect devices they do not manage, but designate them as Managed by Other.

Remote Access and Your Ubiquiti Single Sign-On (SSO) Account

All UniFi OS Consoles have Remote Access functionality. This allows you to manage your devices and deployments from anywhere in the world through unifi.ui.com.*

Note: Remote Access can be disabled at any time for those that prefer localized access.

To remotely access your UniFi system, you must have a Ubiquiti Single Sign-On (SSO) account, and your UniFi OS Console must be connected to the internet. For more details, see  Remote Access Requirements.

Along with facilitating remote access, your Ubiquiti SSO account also simplifies the process of configuring and monitoring every aspect of your deployment. This isn’t the only way we streamline your UniFi experience, though! Here are some other helpful resources to explore, whether you’re designing your first deployment, troubleshooting, or simply looking to connect with other users:

  • UI.com - Provides an overview of all our products and services.
  • Ubiquiti Store - Find your ideal Ubiquiti devices, including those in Early Access.
  • UI Community - Collaborate with fellow Ubiquiti enthusiasts.
  • UniFi Design Center - Import your floor plan and map your UniFi deployment to optimize its coverage and performance.
  • UI Help Center - Access a robust directory of detailed support articles to get the most out of your Ubiquiti solutions.

*Remote access for self-hosted Network applications and legacy Gen1 Cloud Keys is done via network.unifi.ui.com.

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