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airCube - Port Forwarding


This article describes how to enable port forwarding on the airCube ISP and airCube AC.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:This article applies to airCube on firmware version 2.4.0 and above.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps: How to Port Forward on airCube
  3. Testing & Verification


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Port forwarding is required in order to access devices behind a NAT. For example, if a web server or SSH server is running at a home location, and you would like to reach those devices from outside your home network. 

NOTE:These instructions assume your airCube is already configured and connected to the internet.

Steps: How to Port Forward on airCube

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  1. Navigate to the airCube's LAN address. By default, the LAN address is
  2. Update to the latest stable firmware version. Find this firmware in our Downloads page.
  3. Log in to the airCube's user interface and navigate to the Network page.
  4. Select the Port Forward tab.
  5. Click the Add New Rule button.
  6. Give the new rule a descriptive name, then configure your source port, internal IP address, destination port, and protocol.

Testing & Verification

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From outside the network, test the port forward by trying to reach the internal device. In the example above, external traffic is being forwarded from the router’s WAN IP to the web server that has the internal IP address of The web server is running on port 80, but it can be reached by typing the public IP into the browser and pointing towards port 8080. For example, if the public IPv4 address is, the website should be reached successfully by going to

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