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2023-09-15 00:08:33 UTC


The Imports feature is meant for users who would like to add a large number of devices into UISP or create a complex site/subscriber structure. A single .csv file must be created according to the set of rules described below and then applied to UISP. This is currently the only way to authorize devices in bulk.


Here is the basic structure of the .csv file. Each site/subscriber that will be added must keep a space for each value: filled if you wish to specify that value, or empty if you don't want to provide that information. You will see examples below with filled, and empty values.

type Mandatory value. Possible values [site, client]
name Mandatory value. Represents a site or subscriber name. Each value has to be unique within the currently imported file(s) 
address Site or Subscriber postal address
note Add a note to the site or subscriber. Do not use any special characters here.
contact name Define a contact person for this site/subscriber and provide their name.
phone Provide a phone number for the contact person for this site/subscriber.
email Provide an email address for this site's or subscriber's contact person.
longitude The site/subscriber's GPS coordinate number for longitude.
latitude The site/subscriber's GPS coordinate number for latitude.
elevation Number in meters representing the height of this point above sea level.
height Useful for towers, this number shows how high the subscriber device is located.
MAC addresses Multi-value field. Individual values to be separated by a comma ,. If a device with this MAC address is added to UISP it will be automatically authenticated for this site/subscriber.
IP addresses Multi-value field. IP address in cidr format; individual values to be separated by a comma ,. If a device with this IP address is added to UISP it will be automatically authenticated for this site/subscriber.

Adding Devices

It is possible to pre-define which device should be authorized for any imported site/subscriber. Have a look at this example:

site;TowerA;;;;;;;;;,;0E:16:10:F6:B1:15, 5D:25:5D:7D:64:CF

This will import a site with the name TowerA and if there is any device already present in UISP with either one of the IP addresses, or one of the MAC addresses '0E:16:10:F6:B1:15', '5D:25:5D:7D:64:CF' the import will move that device (or devices) to the new TowerA site. Furthermore, if a new device with a single match from the pool of these IP and MAC addresses, is discovered in the future, it will be automatically authorized for this site. 

User Tip: If there are several sites with the same IP or MAC address imported this way, devices will be attached to the first matching site they happen to find.
ATTENTION: If there is already a site/subscriber with the same name in the system, then it will be ignored from the import. The import tool cannot edit already existing records.


Let's start with an easy example. This will add a single site with no further information:


Here is an example of adding a site with a contact person and GPS data:

site;SiteB-CentralCity;;1 Tower Bridge Road, London;;John Doe;0044123123123;john@doe.com;51,4944747;0,08447369999998955;47;18;;

This example will add a single subscriber with no further information. 


If we add some info about the address and contact person it will look like this:

client;Client10_MainStreet;SiteB-CentralCity;3 Main Street, London;;John Doe;0044123123123;john@doe.com;51,4944747;0,08447369999998955;47;18;;

Now let's add several sites and subscribers at once. It's alright to define the structure in any order. You can set a subscriber to have a parent site and define the site after that:


And finally here is a final example with previous sites and subscribers, but where all possible information is provided:

client;Client10_MainStreet;SiteB-CentralCity;"3 Main Street; London";VIP customer note;John Doe;44123123123;john@doe.com;"514;944;747";"0;08447369999998955";47;18;"04:18:d6:a0:87:a4, 05:19:d6:a0:88:a5";;;;;;;;;
site;SiteB-CentralCity;;"1 Tower Bridge Road; London";;John Doe;44123123123;john@doe.com;"514;944;747";"0;08447369999998955";47;18;c6:93:d1:4f:7e:bd;;;;;;;;;
client;Client11_SecondStreet;SiteB-CentralCity;"13 Second Street; London";Problematic customer note;John Doe;44123123123;john@doe.com;"514;944;747";"0;08447369999998955";47;18;"a1:b5:6b:9b:9e:ec,a2:24:a7:70:0b:0a";;;;;;;;;
site;SiteA-Market;;"1 NightMarket Road; London";;John Doe;44123123123;john@doe.com;"514;944;747";"0;08447369999998955";47;18;06:20:d6:a0:89:a6;;;;;;;;;
client;Client02_MarketStreet;SiteA-Market;"256 Baker St.; London";Special needs customer note;John Doe;44123123123;john@doe.com;"514;944;747";"0;08447369999998955";47;18;"a1:b5:6b:9b:9e:ec,a2:24:a7:70:0b:0a";;;;;;;;;
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