UniFi - USG: Configuring Port Remapping


Upon completion of reading this article readers should grasp the concept of how port remapping works in the UniFi Network Controller.

  • Applicable to any UniFi Security Gateway model (USG,USG‑PRO‑4, USG-XG-8) with firmware 4.4.22 or higher. Not applicable to the UDM.
  • UniFi Network Controller version 5.8.6 or higher. 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps: How to Configure Port Remapping
  3. Testing & Verification
  4. Related Articles


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Previous to the port remapping implementation in the controller, port assignments on the UniFi Security Gateway were static. Port remapping allows a user to be able to assign networks and LAN/WAN functions to any port available. With port remapping the following configurations are possible:

USG (3 port)

  • 1 WAN port and 2 LAN ports
  • 2 WAN ports and 1 LAN port

USG Pro 4

  • 1 WAN port and up to 3 LAN ports.
  • 2 WAN ports and up to 2 LAN ports.
User Tips:
  • The eth2 and eth3 ports are shared ports in which a user can use either RJ45 or SFP ports for functions.
  • The eth2 and eth3 ports are not available for manual link settings. They are set to autonegotiate but can step down to 10/100.


  • 1 WAN port and up to 8 LAN ports
  • 2 WAN port and up to 7 LAN ports
User Tips:
  • The SFP+ ports on the USG-XG-8 are hardware linked in blocks of 4 PHYs.
    • eth1-eth4
    • eth5-eth8
  • This makes speed/duplex settings on eth1 apply to eth2, eth3, and eth4. eth5 settings will apply to eth6, eth7, and eth8.
  • Autonegotiation on the USG-XG-8 will work as 10G.

Steps: How to Configure Port Remapping

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Port Group Assignment in Networks

  1. In the UniFi Network Controller, navigate to Settings > Networks > Edit, or Create Network for a new network.
  2. View the "Port Group" delegation and make a selection for your network. This delegation allows a user to be able to break up networks into logical groups that can be applied on physical interfaces. 
  3. After making the port group assignment click Save. 

Port Group Assignment on USG

  1. Navigate to the USG properties side panel by clicking on the USG in question in the Devices screen.
  2. Select the Ports tab.
  3. Make a delegation on the port group that is desired to operate on a physical interface. 
  4. Click apply after all changes are done. 
User Tip:Before a port group can be assigned to another port, it must first be de-selected on its current port. 

Testing & Verification

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Verification can be done a couple ways. One way is to look at the icon indicators on the ports in the UI. The other way is in the command line interface. Both are shown below. 

Testing & Verification in the GUI

Open the Properties Panel of the device by clicking on it from the Devices page, and navigate to the Ports section.

Before port remapping:

After port remapping:

Testing & Verification in the Command Line Interface (CLI)

  1. SSH to the USG with a preferred SSH client. 
  2. Type the command: show interfaces

The show interfaces command will show you which networks/IPs are on each physical interface.

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