UniFi Video is a legacy product line.

This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video.

UniFi - Configure Port Remapping

The Port Remapping feature on the UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro) and UniFi Security Gateway (USG) models is used to configure which of the ISP uplinks is WAN1 and which is WAN2. 

These are the supported port configurations:

  • UDM-Pro: 
    • 2 WAN ports (1 RJ45 / 1 SFP+)
  • USG-Pro:
    • 1 WAN port + 3 LAN ports
    • 2 WAN ports + 2 LAN ports
  • USG:
    • 1 WAN port + 2 LAN ports
    • 2 WAN ports + 1 LAN port
  • USG-XG8:
    • 1 WAN port + 8 LAN ports
    • 2 WAN ports + 7 LAN ports

Note: WAN ports in UDM-PRO cannot be remapped as LAN, and vice versa.

Remap the WAN and LAN ports

To configure the Port Remapping feature on a UDM Pro or USG on the UniFi Network application:

  1. Navigate to the  devices.png  Devices > UDM Pro > Ports > WAN > Configure Interfaces section to assign the WAN and LAN networks to the ports.


  1. If the WAN and LAN networks are not listed, then create it first in the  settings.png  Settings > Internet > WAN Networks and settings.png  Settings > Networks > Local Networks > LAN sections.
  2. To switch the WAN and LAN Networks, first change the Port Network to Disabled or another value. The network is then free to be remapped to a different port.
  3. Apply the changes.
  4. Navigate to the  devices.png  Devices > UDM Pro > Details section to verify that the WAN and LAN interface(s) are up and have an IP address assigned.

Note: If the WAN interface is showing Down/Disconnected or does not have an IP address assigned, then it is possible that your WAN settings do not match the ones provided by your ISP.

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