UniFi LED - Introducing ULED-AT and UDIM-AT

2023-05-09 11:34:57 UTC


This article is a quick introduction of the UniFi LED Lighting System.

Some of the features are still in Early Access. Get early access and then join the
UniFi EoT - Beta community for more updates and for access to beta versions.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About the UniFi LED Panel
  3. About the UniFi Dimmer Switch


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The UniFi LED product line brings a new perspective to lighting. A few of the most outstanding characteristics of the UniFi LED system are:

  • The ULED is powered by PoE, which means, low voltage power and does not require an electrician to install it.
  • It can be network-managed by the UniFi LED application and mobile app, which makes energy saving even more achievable by providing choices like scheduling and monitoring energy trends. It also allows for remote control of lighting.
  • LEDs have a long life, eliminating the need of constant bulb or light tube changes.
  • The dimmer, UDIM, can be software configurable by the UniFi LED application or LED app, making it easy to change settings and group of lights any time you want.
  • It can be used for SMB environment, office, hotel, or even large enterprise environments.

Find more information in the UniFi LED Data Sheet.

About the UniFi LED Panel (ULED-AT)

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Powered by native 802.3at PoE+ technology, the UniFi LED Panel is an energy-efficient ceiling light that provides adjustable, high-efficiency indoor lighting. Utilizing long-lasting LEDs that provide over 50,000+ hours of luminance, the LED Panel requires very little maintenance and can be easily managed by the UniFi LED mobile app using your hand-held iOS or Android device. Find more information in the ULED-AT Quick Start Guide.

  • Powered by 802.3at PoE+
  • Managed by UniFi LED application
  • Programmable Control Using the UniFi LED App
  • Fits Standard 2’x2’ Square Drop-Ceiling Grid
  • Brightness: 2,300 lm
  • Color Temperature: 4,000 Natural White
  • Long-Lasting LED: L80 > 50,000 Hours
  • High Luminous Efficacy: 100 lm/W*
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 80

*Based on power delivered to the light panel

About the UniFi Dimmer Switch (UDIM-AT)

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The UniFi Dimmer Switch is a smart in-wall dimmer switch for use with the UniFi LED Lighting System. Powered by 802.3af PoE, the UDIM-AT is designed to fit in an electrical gang box and networked by ethernet. Use the intuitive UniFi LED App and LED application to configure the UDIM-AT to control a defined group of UniFi LED. Find more information in the UDIM-AT Quick Start Guide.

  • For use with the UniFi LED Lighting System
  • Configure and Control Multiple UniFi LED Lights
  • Physical On/Off and Dimming Functions
  • Powered by 802.3af PoE
  • Fits 1-Gang in-wall electrical Box
  • Configured and Managed by UniFi LED App and UniFi LED application
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