LTU - AF5XHD Link Management


This article demonstrates how to configure the centralized Link Management with the AF5XHD backhaul.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:Device used in this article: AF5XHD Firmware v1.1.1

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps: How to Configure Link Management
  3. Testing & Verification
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With the AF5XHD, we bring an easier way to manage your PTP links with a centralized link management option. With this enabled, you only have to change wireless settings once. 

Steps: How to Configure Link Management

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Configure your two AF5XHDs to make the initial link. Once the link has been established, verify Link Management is enabled on the Master's System tab as shown in the screenshot below.


With Link Management enabled, you should see the "Connected" icon next to your Link Settings.

 If you log into the Slave, you will see "This device is managed by Master."

Now, you may make any future changes to this link via the Master as long as the link is established. If the link drops, all settings will be available to both Master and Slave.

Testing & Verification

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Go back to the Master and try changing any of the following settings:

  • Link Name
  • Security Key
  • Channel Bandwidth
  • Frame Length
  • Frequency
  • Alternative Frequencies

Any of these settings will be applied to both Master and Slave.

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