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This article describes how to enter TFTP recovery mode on the airCube before uploading the firmware onto the device.

Table of Contents

  1. TFTP Recovery Steps
  2. Firmware Upload for Windows
  3. Firmware Upload for Linux
  4. Firmware Upload for macOS
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TFTP Recovery Steps

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1. Push the reset button and hold while powering unit on. Hold down the reset button until step 4.
2. LED panel should blink fast several times.
3. LED panel should light-off. Continue holding the reset button.
4. Release the reset button when the device's LED panel starts blinking slowly three times.
5. Device is in TFTP recovery mode.
6. Upload firmware to the device at Find the latest firmware release in our airCube downloads page. The sections below explain how for each operating system.

Firmware Upload for Windows

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1. Make sure that the device responds to pings (perform a ping from a DOS window), if it does not, go back to the first step and repeat.

2. Upload firmware image file (.bin) you just downloaded to, using a TFTP client software (binary mode). Windows integrated command line TFTP client or download a third party utility to upload the airOS firmware. Below are two alternatives:

Method 1: From the Windows PC, you can use TFTP command line from a DOS window (START>>>CMD): 

Go into the same directory structure as the firmware (e.g., assuming that you have stored the image files in c:\firmware directory, type the command :cd c:\firmware) and enter the following (for help type TFTP -h) , e.g.:

tftp -i put ACB.ar934x.v2.3.1.65d0016.180626.1612.bin

Method 2: Download and execute tftp2 and configure it as in the image below to upgrade:

3. Signal LEDs will keep blinking one by one in 4 different colors during firmware upgrade. Wait for about 7-10 minutes (devices and firmware depending). Remember to not power off the device during the procedure!

Firmware Upload for Linux

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Generic Linux distributions have an integrated command line TFTP client. From a PC running Linux, you can upload via TFTP by typing into Terminal the following commands:

tftp> bin
tftp> trace
tftp> put ACB.ar934x.v2.3.1.65d0016.180626.1612.bin
Sent 1965199 bytes in 35.2 seconds 
tftp> exit

Firmware Upload for macOS

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1. Ping your device at the default IP Address, using Terminal.

2. Access the built-in TFTP client  by typing tftp in the Terminal, then issue these commands, hitting enter at the end of each line:

tftp> connect
tftp> binary
tftp> put ACB.ar934x.v2.3.1.65d0016.180626.1612.bin
NOTE:The ACB.ar934x.v2.3.1.65d0016.180626.1612.bin above is a firmware example, you would substitute it with the .bin file you have downloaded.

3. At this point you will see a confirmation of Sent followed by the bytes and duration. Wait a few minutes, keeping an eye on the device's LED.

4. Now you should be able to access your device by going to in your browser.

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