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UniFi Video is an obsolete product line.

This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video.

UniFi Protect - How to migrate from UniFi Video 3 to UniFi Protect

This article describes the process of migrating cameras and data from an existing UniFi Video 3 deployment to UniFi Protect.

Before the migration, consult the datasheet to make sure the new UniFi OS Console you will run UniFi Protect on supports the number of cameras you plan to migrate.

UniFi Protect supports all UVC (G2) and newer UniFi cameras.

When migrating from Video to Protect, the following WILL be imported:

  • Camera Credentials and Management
  • Camera Name
  • On Screen Display (Override Message, Timestamp Overlay, Watermark)
  • Accessory Settings (External Accessory, Status LED, Speaker, System Sounds)
  • Image Settings (brightness, contrast, hue, etc.)
  • Motion Detection Zones (Sensitivity and related settings)

When migrating from Video to Protect, the following WILL NOT be imported:

  • Resolution Configuration (Per-Channel FPS, Bitrate, Adaptive Streaming)
  • Recording Mode and Resolution
  • RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS Streaming Settings
  • Existing Recordings and Locked Recordings
  • Any other non-camera specific configuration (users, alerts, remote access, storage, etc.)

Generate the UniFi Video 3 configuration backup

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1. Upgrade the current UniFi Video 3 configuration backup

2. Go to your your NVR Settings > Download Configuration to generate and download the configuration backup

Only Administrator-level users or the Super Admin (the first account created during the initial setup) can generate the configuration backup.


3. Stop the UniFi Video 3 service on the existing NVR or power it down

For Windows: Right-click on the UniFi Video system tray icon and select Stop.

For Linux: Connect via SSH and run the following command in the terminal: sudo service unifi-video stop

For UniFi Video NVR (UVC-NVR or UVC-NVR-2TB): Use the Management page to Shut Down the NVR, or briefly press and release the front Power button.

For UniFi Application Server (UAS-XG): Use the Management page, or shut down the UAS-XG if there are no other applications running on the system.

Import the UniFi Video 3 configuration backup into the new Protect interface

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1. Go to https://<IP of Protect Console>/protect to open the UniFi Protect setup wizard

Google Chrome browser is recommended.

2. Complete the "Set up your NVR" process and click Skip during the "Camera Setup" process

Make sure to input real values during the Create Account step due to accounts not being migrated from UniFi Video 3.


3. Log into the new UniFi Protect interface and go to Settings > System Configuration > Updates to update the application to the latest version

4. Go to Settings > Backups & Factory Reset > Import Backup to upload the configuration backup

Once the upload is complete, an "Import Successful" notification will appear.


Go to Cameras section (left-hand menu) to see the cameras managed by UniFi Protect.

The camera firmware will upgrade and the camera will restart automatically. You can proceed to use UniFi Protect once the camera status is Online.

Frequently asked questions

What will happen to UniFi Video 3?

UniFi Video is reaching End of Life (EOL). For more information, see the official announcement.


Does UniFi Protect have the same features as UniFi Video 3?

UniFi Protect is designed from the ground up as a next-gen video security platform with support for highly optimized timeline playback, better scaling on low-cost Cloud Key Gen2 Plus hardware and all-new mobile apps.


Some advanced customizations available in UniFi Video 3 are not yet available in UniFi Protect, but we are expanding Protect with advanced features with each new version of the application.


How can I migrate from UniFi Video 3 to UniFi Protect?

Yes, you can migrate from Video to Protect using a configuration backup. For instructions, see UniFi Protect - How to Migrate from UniFi Video 3 to UniFi Protect.


Can I run UniFi Video and Protect on the same network simultaneously?

Yes, you can run multiple instances of Video and Protect on the same L2 network. Cameras on the same subnet managed by a different application will be displayed as "Managed by Other".


Can a camera be managed by both UniFi Video and Protect at the same time?

No, a camera can only be managed by a single NVR at a time.

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