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UFiber GPON - Advanced Logging


Readers will learn how to enable detailed logging for UFiber equipment to help capture and send debugging information to developers.

Applicable to the latest UFiber firmware on the UFiber OLT models. Please see the Related Articles below for more information.
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DANGER: These commands should only be used if directed by our support staff to increase logging to investigate specific issues.

How to Enable Advanced Logging

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CLI: Access the UFiber OLT Command Line Interface.

1. Change default logging level from the default info (5) level to debug (7).

set system gpon logging module onu level debug
set system gpon logging module sdk level debug
ATTENTION: It is important to set these levels back to the defaults afterwards to prevent excessive logging.

2.  Capture the necessary logs messages.

NOTE: An easy to way to gather the logs and other tech-support information is to download the support file from the Web UI.

3. Change the logging level back to the default info (5) level.

set system gpon logging module onu level info
set system gpon logging module sdk level info
commit ; save

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