UFiber GPON - ONU Router Mode

2023-05-28 15:56:09 UTC


This article explains the features available when enabling Router Mode for UFiber ONUs.

Applicable to the v4.0.0+ UFiber firmware on the UFiber OLT on ONU models. The Router Mode feature is available starting from OLT firmware v1.1.0 and ONU firmware v2.0.1.Please see our Related Articles for more information.
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How to Enable the Router Mode

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Enabling Router mode will allow the UFiber ONU to perform NAT and DHCP services, eliminating the need for a separate router connected to the LAN port of the ONU. The current firmware release supports IPv4 NAT (IPv6 support will be added in a future release).


The Router mode is configured on the ONU through the UFiber OLT Web UI.

Many different devices can be connected to an ONU to provide connectivity and features for users. See the Getting Started article for more details.

GUI: Access the UFiber OLT Web UI.

1. Navigate to the ONU list  onu-list.png  tab and select one or more of the connected ONUs.

2. Select the CONFIGURE button to modify the ONU settings.

Admin password: <secret>
Mode: Router
Provision LAN: Checked
IPv4 WAN > Mode: DHCP client
NOTE: The VLAN set here must also be included on the SFP+ uplink port. See theInitial Configuration help center article for more information.

3. Apply the changes by clicking on the SAVE button.

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