UniFi Identity Enterprise - Enable Apple Device Supervision

Supervision generally denotes that a device is owned by an organization, which provides additional control over the device configuration and restrictions. Here are two methods for organizations to supervise their devices. 

Automated Mac Supervision by Serial Numbers Recognition

Macs with macOS 10.14.4 or later are supervised automatically when their serial numbers appear in Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, or Apple Business Essentials:

To supervise devices in Identity Enterprise, you must set up the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and sync DEP devices to Identity Enterprise. Learn more about DEP

Manually Enable iPhone and Apple TV Supervision

You can manually enable supervision for iPhones and Apple TVs using Apple Configurator for Mac. To do this, each device must be physically connected to a Mac via a USB cable. To supervise multiple devices, you can configure them one by one or all at once.

  1. Install the latest version of Apple Configurator on your Mac.
  2. Attach your iOS or tvOS device to your Mac using a USB cable.
  3. Go to your Apple Configurator > All Devices and select iOS or tvOS devices.
  4. Click Prepare.
  5. Select Manual Configuration and tick the Supervise devices checkbox. When a device is supervised, you gain ongoing control over its configuration. You can reapply the configuration at any time by simply reconnecting the device to a Mac with Apple Configurator installed.
    • Allow devices to pair with other computers: Select this option if you want users to use a USB cable to sync the device with a Mac or PC. Note: Changing this restriction later requires you to erase, prepare, and supervise the devices again.
  6. Select Do not enroll in MDM, then click Next.
  7. Choose the organization for supervising these devices and click Next.
  8. Select which Setup Assistant panes to skip, then click Next. See Manage Setup Assistant for Apple devices in Apple Platform Deployment to learn more.
  9. Click Prepare.
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