UniFi - Unable to Connect to WiFi

Inability for client devices to connect to your WiFi SSID is often related to configuration errors, or compatibility with legacy clients. Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve your issue.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Ensure the correct password is being entered when joining the WiFi.
  2. If RADIUS is being used for WPA2 or WPA3 Enterprise, be sure it is properly configured and can be reached from your UniFi APs. Click here to learn more.
  3. Ensure you have a signal strength better than -70dBm. This can be found in the Client Devices section of the UniFi Network application, or by using the WiFiman Mobile App (iOS / Android).
  4. Ensure that the associated VLAN is properly tagged on all ports between the network gateway/DHCP server and all APs. Click here to learn more.
  5. Update your UniFi APs. Click here to learn more.
  6. Update the drivers on your client device. Contact their support if you have any questions.
  7. Create a new WiFi using our default settings to ensure maximum compatibility with legacy clients. This includes:
    1. Fast Roaming - Legacy clients often do not support 802.11r Fast Transitions. Disable this for maximum compatibility.
    2. Minimum Data Rate - Legacy clients prefer lower data rates. Reduce this for maximum compatibility.
    3. WiFi Frequency - Legacy clients may not support 5 GHz or 6 GHz. Ensure your WiFi is being broadcasted on all frequency bands to maximize compatibility.

Optimize your WiFi environment to reduce interference and latency. Click here to learn more.

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