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airFiber - Antennas Compatible with the AF-4X


The airFiber 4X (AF-4x) works with any 4.9GHz-capable MIMO antenna. This article lists the Ubiquiti antennas that can be used with the AF-4X and their corresponding gain. The AF-4X is a high-performance radio designed to work in the licensed 4.9GHz band, also known as the public safety band. A license is required to use these radios in the United States. US units operate from 4,940MHz to 4,990MHz, and international units (only for export) can operate from 4.7-4.99GHz.

ATTENTION: You must have a license to use any 4GHz frequency. You will be breaking the law if you fail to comply.

Antenna Compatibility

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The AF-4X works with any 4.9GHz-capable MIMO antenna. It is compatible with the Ubiquiti airFiber Dish 30dBi and 34dBi models, as well as the RocketDish 30dBi and 34dBi antennas. Unfortunately, since those antennas have been designed for the 5GHz band, the performance in the 4.9GHz range is lower. Therefore, it's important to consider this and use the following values in your calculations and in the data you enter into the airFiber 4X Wireless tab.

  Antenna Gain at 4.9GHz
AF-5G30-S45 26dBi
AF-5G34-S45 30dBi
RD-5G30 26dBi
RD-5G34 30dBi
MonsterDish 34dBi


NOTE: The AF-5G23-S45 antenna is not recommended for the 4.9GHz, since its antenna gain at 4.9GHz is around 17-18dBi.
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