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The sunMAX Design Tool has several features to make your Customer Proposal accurate, useful, and comprehensible. The sunMAX Utility API allows for auto-calculation of a customer’s utility bill, including any tiered or Time of Usage (TOU) rates; whereas the Custom Schedule tool is merely an approximation of a customer’s energy rate. 

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  1. The sunMAX Utility API (Residential Addresses in US Only)
  2. The sunMAX Utility API in Rural Areas
  3. Custom Utility Rate - Net Energy Supply Rate
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 The sunMAX Utility API (Residential Addresses in US Only)

The first and preferred method of determining customer cost-savings is via the sunMAX API. When designing a system in the sunMAX Design Tool, the location of the install is used to determine the Utility companies in the area. The API tool is recommended due to its ability to factor in multi-tiered utility rates and fixed delivery costs in addition to the energy usage rate ($/kWh).

Note: If a customer’s utility rate cannot be found via sunMAX API, it is recommended to wait for up to 30 seconds on the Site Design page in order for the API to search for the utility company.

 The sunMAX Utility API in Rural Areas

If a customer’s utility rate cannot be discovered via sunMAX API at a rural installation site, try redesigning the panel layout in a more developed area (a nearby large city) serviced by the same utility company. The API tool may be able to detect the utility rate in that area, which can also be used for cost-savings analysis.

Custom Utility Rate - Net Energy Supply Rate

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If the Utility Company still cannot be found, the Custom Utility Rate tool can be used to provide a rough estimate of customer cost-savings. 

The Custom Utility algorithm uses a simple Cost per Watt calculation. This calculation does not include any attempts to determine flat-rates or tiered usage plans.

Subtract any flat-rate or “delivery costs” from your bill to ensure that the tool is only accounting for dollars spent on electricity usage, otherwise known as “supply cost”. See sunMAX - Pre-Sale: Electricity Bill Analysis for more information about determining supply cost.

Using the 12-month usage data on your electricity bill, enter each month’s usage, as well as each associated monthly cost into the customer usage tool. Below is an example of a completed Custom Schedule.



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