(ARCHIVED) airControl - Diagnostic Information

This article has been archived.

This article is current to the last version of airControl, but will not be updated further since airControl has been retired.

This article outlines useful information to review when having issues with airControl. In some cases this information might be requested from developers to track issues further.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Automation Rules
  3. Log Locations
  4. Database Backup File
  5. Related Articles


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When having issues such as connecting or starting airControl server or client, please include the information below when posting in the community to help document the issue. This will allow us to diagnose and fix any issues faster. Much of this is information is included in the diagnostics page (see details in the following section).

  • airControl version
  • Server OS
  • Client OS
  • Java version (server and client side)
  • Is this a fresh install or upgrade from older airControl version? From which version was it upgraded?
  • Error message or screen-shot if available

For problems related to specific devices where: adding, reconnecting, monitoring or configuring devices is failing, please include the following information:

  • Device model
  • Device firmware version
  • Topology description:
    • Server behind router / firewall
    • Firewall / port forward on device
    • Routed network
  • Attach files:
    • Device configuration file
    • Device properties screen shot (right-click on the device in airControl, click on More > Properties)
  • Run commands when connected to device using ssh and attach output:
    • mca-provision-list
    • mca-ctrl -t status

Automation Rules

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It is helpful to review automation rules when troubleshooting some issues. When a large number of devices is involved, many automation rules could have an impact on performance. To obtain a list of automation rules please take screenshots to document current automation rules found under Control Panel > Automation Rules.

Log Locations

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Please send us complete logs (not excerpts) for the period the issue happened. If you do not want to post your data on forums, please send them to Ubiquiti staff at aircontrol@ubnt.com.

Windows Client: C:\Users\<username>\.AirControl2\logs

Windows Server: C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2\logs

Linux Server/Client: /var/log/aircontrol/

macOS: /Users/<username>/.AirControl2/logs/

Postgresql: /var/log/postgresql/

Database Backup File

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In some cases it is easier to replicate issues using and/or reviewing the database from airControl. Statistics do not need to be included for review. The database can be backed up using the the Client by going to Control Panel > Database Backup and clicking on Backup Now. More details can be found in the article  airControl - How to Back-up and Restore a Database Manually.

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