UniFi VoIP - Theme Management Guide


Readers will learn to use the Theme Management System from the UniFi VoIP Controller, and how to copy a theme from one UVP to another.

  • UVP Version 5.0.11 or newer
  • VoIP Controller Version 1.0.4 or newer.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Enable Theme Management
  2. How to Fetch Themes from Device(s) 
  3. How to Apply a Theme to a Device
  4. Related Articles

How to Enable Theme Management

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1. Log in to your UniFi VoIP Controller and click Settings on the lower left side.

2. Go to the Controller tab.

3. Check the Enable Theme Management check box to enable Theme Management.

4. Click the Apply button to save the change.

5. Click the X in the top right-hand corner to close the Settings Dialog.

How to Fetch Themes from Device(s) 

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1. Click Themes in the Navigation menu.

2. Click the Fetch Theme From Phone button.

3. Click the Get button beside the device you wish to fetch the theme from.

4. This can take anywhere from 5-45 seconds. After a successful theme fetch, the screen will show Theme Fetched Successfully in a green popup dialog box

5. Repeat Step 3 for each device.

6. When completed, click Cancel button to return to Theme Management Dashboard.

How to Apply a Theme to a Device

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1. Click Themes in the Navigation menu.

2. You can click show on both themes fetched from the devices. This will display a snapshot of the launcher screen(s).

3. Click Apply for the theme you wish to apply to another UVP. 

4. Select the checkbox next to the device(s) that you wish to apply the theme.

5. Click the green Apply button to apply the theme to the selected device(s).

6. Click the Confirm button to confirm the changes.

7. You should see a popup dialog box stating that the Theme applied successfully when completed.

8.  You can repeat the above steps to fetch the theme from the device you applied the theme to. It will copy the wallpaper, widgets and apps (if installed) to the launcher.

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