sunMAX - Sign-up or find a Contractor, Electrician, or other solar professional


To legally sell/install solar, you must carry a solar contractor's license. In most cases, this can be substituted for an electrician's license.

As a WISP/integrator, you have an existing customer network with tens, hundreds, even thousands of potential solar leads. By partnering with a Solar Contractor/Electrician in your state, you reduce the overhead & time required for you to move into the solar industry. Then, you can focus on pre-sales & install to collect huge profits, while giving a small % commission or flat-fee for each job on which the contractor offers their service.

To sign-up as a Contractor, Electrician, or other Solar Industrial Professional, and be contacted by our Ubiquiti integrator network about possible business opportunities, use this Google Form.

To see the geographic network of Contractors, Electricians, or other Solar Industrial Professionals in your area, visit our database (in development).

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