UniFi VoIP - Switchvox: SIP Configuration



Readers will learn how to configure a SIP account using the PBX appliance Switchvox, and configure the required settings on the UVP or VoIP Controller.

This article contains instructions related to a third-party platform and may include outdated screenshots. Please refer to the Switchvox official knowledge basefor the most updated version.

Switchvox Configuration Steps

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1. Login to your Switchvox appliance via the web interface.

2. Hover over Setup. Click Manage under the Extensions submenu.

4. Click Create Extension

5. Select Extension Type: SIP Phone or SIP Adapter(ATA).

6. Select Extension Template: Default

7. Input the following required fields: Extension(SIP Username), First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

8. Input a Numeric Password for voicemail and web access.

9. Scroll back up and click on the Phone Settings tab.

10. Click the Common Settings tab.

11. Enter a Phone Password (SIP Password) you wish to use to register the UVP with the Switchvox PBX. Then click Save SIP Extension.

You have now setup an extension successfully on Switchvox!

Setting Value
SIP Server Switchvox PBX IP or FQDN
SIP Username Extension Number Assigned in Switchvox
SIP Password Switchvox -> Phone -> Common Settings -> Phone Password
Authentication Name

Extension Number Assigned in Switchvox(may not be required in some versions of Switchvox)

You should now be able to use the following guides to configure your UVP with the extension created with the guides in the Related Articles:

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