VoIP Controller - How to Configure an Extension with the VoIP Controller


In this article the user will learn how to configure an extension on the UniFi VoIP Controller.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS: This article is applicable to the VoIP Controller v1.0.3 or later.

How to Configure an Extension

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1. Login to your VoIP Controller.

2. Click the Settings Menu.

3. Click the Extensions Tab.

4. Click the Create New Extension button.

5. Input your SIP Details into the fields. If you need help with these entries, see the SIP Details section below.

6. The UVP should display "Updating SIP Settings".  After it provisions the SIP Account to the device.  It should be ready to use, and will indicate on the top left-hand side of the UVP Dialer with a blue dot along with the Name and Extension specified above. You can also see the Registration State in the controller under the Device > SIP Account ID > State

SIP Details

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Main Options

  • Extension: This is the internal dialing extension for internal calls. It is displayed under the "Name" in the top left-hand side of the UVP dialer.
  • Account ID: The UVP can store 3 SIP accounts provisioned by the controller. Select an unused Account ID for the specific device.
  • Account Enabled: You can choose if you would like to enable this SIP account.
    • Yes: Account will register to SIP Server
    • No: Account will not register with SIP Server, and will remain disabled.
  • Account Lock: Checking this option will prevent the user from modifying this SIP Account on the UVP.
  • Name: This is the name that it will display at the top left hand corner of the UVP Dialer.
  • SIP Username: SIP Username is provided by the VoIP Provider.
  • SIP Password: SIP Password is provided by the VoIP Provider.
  • SIP Server: SIP Server is provided by the VoIP Provider.
  • Auth Method: Auth method is normally user-based for most providers. If your provider is IP Based you will not require a username or a password, only the SIP Server and changing this option to IP Based.
  • Phone: Select the device from the drop-down that you would like to configuration to provision.
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