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airMAX - How to Connect airMAX M Stations to an airMAX AC Access Point


Users will learn how to connect airMAX M Stations to an airMAX AC Access Point. 

Applicable to firmware airOS8+ (airMAX AC devices) and airOS 6+ (M devices). Note that airMAX Mixed Mode is only supported with the airMAX AC radios as the Access Point. An airMAX AC Station cannot be connected to an airMAX M device if the latter is in Access Point mode.

Table of Contents

  1. Access Point Configuration
  2. Station Radio Configuration
  3. Troubleshooting

Access Point Configuration

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NOTE: Only forairMAX AC radios on airOS 8 and higher.

1. Navigate to the Wireless tab via the Settings Icon  > Wireless.

2. Enable AP mode and disable PTP mode.  If you do not see these toggles, please ensure your are running the latest firmware first.

3. Set the channel width to 20MHz.

NOTE:10/20/40MHz channel widths are supported in AC PTMP mode operation.

4. If using encryption (recommended) don't forget to note the WPA2-AES pre-shared key.

5. Save changes made on the Wireless tab with the "Save Changes" button at the bottom.

Station Radio Configuration

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NOTE: Only forairMAX M radio on airOS 6 and higher.

1. Navigate to the radio's web interface ( on factory default units).

2. Confirm the radio is on the current firmware release on the Main tab.

3. Navigate to the Wireless tab.

4. Set Wireless mode to "Station" and enable WDS (Transparent Bridge Mode).

5. Confirm channel width matches AP configuration (20MHz in this example or Auto 20/40MHz).

6. If using Wireless Encryption, set "Security" to WPA2-AES/PSK.

7. Set the SSID to match the AP or use the "Select" button to find the Mixed Mode Wireless Network.  It should show as airMAX AC under "Radio Mode".

8. Hit the "Change" button to apply the settings and then "Apply" to commit. 


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Be sure to go through this checklist and verify each item:

  • SSID and WPA2-AES values on both radios.
  • Channel width.
  • Disable any frequency lists and confirm the Station supports the AP operating frequency.
  • Due to the number of channels available in the 5GHz band, it can sometimes take several minutes for a radio to connect. Especially if the AP is using a DFS frequency that requires a wait time before transmitting.
  • Confirm radios are on firmware that supports mixed mode operation: airOS 8+ for AC devices and airOS 6+ for M devices.
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