sunMAX - Can the current product line be used with Off-Grid deployments?


Bottom line, no, since the topology of sunMAX gen1 product (specifically sunMAX microinverters) means the AC infrastructure exists at the module level, leaving no room for DC infrastructure between the DC sunMAX panel and the planned Off-Grid storage hardware (ex. DC Batteries, Charge Controllers).

For Off-Grid sites that only require power during the daytime, the AC modules of the gen1 sunMAX products would enable such a topology, provided there was an active source of AC power, whether as a source (AC generator) or group of loads (ex. consumer appliances). However, in either case the firmware of the sunMAX microinverters and certification process would need to be reengineered/reeevaluated, since the default behavior today is for microinverters to operate according to specific parameters for DC and AC power (see data sheet).

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