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airFiber - How to Ground an airFiber Properly

This article describes the correct grounding and surge protection of your airFibers.

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In order to protect your airFiber and other network devices, as well as comply with local safety rules, it’s important to ALWAYS ground your airFibers properly. Remember that improper installation, including inadequate grounding installation, automatically voids the warranty.

How to Ground an airFiber Device

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1. First, you need a properly grounded mast, pole, tower or grounding bar located next to the airFiber. The maximum distance between the AF unit and the grounding point is 1 meter (3ft). If you don't have a grounding point close enough to the radio or you are not sure about the quality of the grounding installation, it's highly recommended to contact a certified electrician in your area to check it and install new grounding if necessary.

2. The ground wire diameter must be a minimum of 8 AWG (10AWG for AF-5XHD), and the maximum cable length must be 1 meter (3ft).

3. Proper connectors must be used on both sides of the cable to ensure good conductivity; the diameter of the connectors needs to be appropriate for the diameter of the wire you are using.

4. Remember to secure the nut to the grounding bolt after you insert the grounding connector.

5. It's also highly recommended to use two Outdoor Gigabit PoE surge protectors, like the Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge Protector, model ETH-SP.  High quality outdoor shielded cable and connectors must be used in the cable that connects the AF’s DATA port and the ETH-SP, as well as from the ETH-SP to the PoE Adapter.  

6. Finally, make sure that the AC outlet where the PoE Adapter/switch is connected, also has a proper grounding installation.

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