(ARCHIVED) UniFi Video - How to Wirelessly Associate the UVC-Micro

2022-12-17 16:52:32 UTC
This article has been archived. And will not be updated further.
This article is specific to our olderUVC-Micro model, but you can find detailed initial setup instructions for all our cameras in the UniFi Video User Guide, starting on chapter 1. As with all our products, it is recommended to start installation with the device's specific Quick Start Guide (included in the box) and User Guide, which you can find in our Downloads page.


This article outlines the steps necessary to setup a UVC-Micro fresh out of the box.  In this particular article, we’re going to start with firmware that was pre 3.2.  In 3.2, the user interface is revamped.  There is another article HERE that outlines a UVC-Micro setup with the new firmware.

When you first plug in a UVC-Micro, it emits its own open SSID that you can connect to.  It’s important to note that you can do this with a Windows, Linux, or OSX based computer with WiFi.

Steps: How to Setup the UVC-Micro Wirelessly

1. Connect to the open SSID

2. Open Google Chrome and browse to

3. Login with the default credentials of UBNT for both the username and password (ubnt for both).

4. Go the the Device Tab and select your Country.

5. Click the Scan button for the Micro to start searching for SSIDs to connect to.

6. Select the SSID you want the Micro to associate to, then enter the Security Key on the right.

7. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. This screen will appear:

Followed by instructions for finding where your UVC-Micro is on your network.

If your UniFi-Video installation is on the same network, it should automatically see your new UVC-Micro as a manageable device.

8. Click on the UVC-Micro within UniFi-Video and manage it. If prompted, the credentials at this point should still be the UBNT for both the username and password.

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