UniFi VoIP - How to Install the UniFi VoIP Controller on Ubuntu/Debian


In this article the user will learn how to install the UniFi VoIP Controller on Ubuntu/Debian. 

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS: The UniFi VoIP Controller should be installed ona separate virtual machine or host than the UniFi Network Controller since it has different dependencies.

Steps: How to Install UniFi VoIP on Ubuntu/Debian

1. Download the VoIP Controller Software. Navigate to the official Downloads Page for UniFi VoIP to obtain the latest release for Ubuntu/Debian Linux. If you would like to be notified of updates/release notes for the UniFi VoIP Controller updates subscribe to our UniFi VoIP Blog for release notes and our Downloads Page for official releases. Installation on a CloudkeyV1/V2 is not officially supported.

2. Copy the direct download link from the Downloads Page or UniFi VoIP Blog.


3. Open an SSH session and use the wget command to download the .deb package to your Ubuntu or Debian server.
wget <copied direct download link from download page above, without "< >">

4. Install the unifi_voip_sysvinit_all.deb package with the dpkg command.
sudo dpkg -i unifi_voip_sysvinit_all.deb

5. If needed, force install of necessary dependencies.  There is no need to run the below command if the installation succeeded with the above command.
sudo apt-get install -f

6. To access the newly installed UniFi VoIp Controller, Head over the ip address of the device that it was installed on using https:// and port 9443 using a Web Browser.


7. You will be prompted to accept the Security Certificate.

8. Back at the main setup page, you will be prompted to Select the Country / Time Zone.

9. If you have any of the UniFi UVP Models connected to the same L2 Network, you should be able to discover them and adopt them. Click Next.

10. You are now able to configure the Admin Name and Password that is used to login to the UniFi VoIP Controller. Once done Click Next.

11. Click Finish. This will now bring you to the login screen.

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