sunMAX - Can I connect the Microinverter "out-of-box" to the Grid?


The sunMAX Microinverter is intended to be connected to Single-Ø (phase) Grid systems, whose Voltage & Frequency fall in the Nominal Voltage & Frequency Ranges for the Microinverter.

For US users—yes.

For EU users, Ubiquiti strongly advises that you configure & install the sunMAX Solar Pico Gateway (SM-PICO) prior to connecting the Microinverters & AC Trunk Cabling to the Customer Site. More specifically, follow the instructions below for safe electrical operation:

  1. The SM-PICO receives power via DC-POE Injector; follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide document to configure the SM-PICO with the appropriate Country code & site settings.
  2. Ensure the AC circuit to which you are connecting the sunMAX End-Run is open (de-energized) while performing install & connecting cables.
  3. After closing the AC circuit (energizing the system), the sunMAX End-Run Connector (SM-EC-EU), which serves as a switch, detects AC power from the Grid & closes the circuit.
  4. Shortly after the End-Run closes the circuit, sunMAX Microinverters will begin to monitor the electrical specifications on the AC-side (Grid) for 5 minutes. Assuming Voltage, Frequency, etc. are compatible with Microinverter operation, the Microinverter will begin to work.
  5. Assuming the Microinverter is unable to connect to the Grid due to incompatible Voltage / Frequency settings, the SM-PICO must push Country settings based on the settings you configured in Step #1 above.
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