sunMAX - Pre-Install: Permit On-Site Checklist

When going on-site in preparation for the install, to limit the need to obtain additional information we have prepared a checklist for every field required by the Permit Application in the sunMAX Permitting tool.

Note: The following checklist is in addition to any local/state permit requirements—consult your local AHJ for more details & include these requirements in your permitting package submission. In cases where a Structural Engineer is required to sign off on building permits, you should partner up and source / contract locally to visit the site.

sunMAX Permit On-Site Checklist

Installation Site Information

  • Site Address
  • Site Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN)
  • Building Area
  • Building Height
  • Photo/Copy
  • Photo/Copy
  • Site Electrical (determine electrical conduit path)


  • Roof Type (e.g. Composite Shingles, Tile, etc.)
  • Roof Condition (e.g. excellent, good, fair, poor)
  • Inspect General Panel Location (e.g. near-south facing, out of shade, etc)
  • Roof Plane Measurements (approx. width/height of install roof)
  • Photo: Roof Surface

Utility Meter

  • Photo: Utility Meter Close-up (Provide a photo of the utility meter close enough to see the make/model)
  • Photo: Utility Meter relative to the house

Main Panel

  • Main Panel Make and Model
  • Service Voltage
  • Main Breaker Amperage Rating
  • Main Breaker Interruption Current Rating
  • Bus Rating
  • Are there tabs available for a solar breaker? Yes or No
  • Are there any unused breakers? Yes or No
  • Photo: Main Panel (zoomed-out pic of main panel)
  • Photo: Main Panel Interior
  • Photo: Main Panel Tag
  • Photo: Main Electrical Disconnect
  • Photo: Ground Rod
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