sunMAX - How-To: Customer Proposal - Bill of Materials Section

On the Bill of Materials section, a list is provided to estimate materials costs as well as to provide a framework for ordering the components in behalf of the customer. 

PLEASE NOTE: Remember- the quantity of items shown is just a base recommendation. As roof mounts are affordable and rafter spacing may vary, we recommend to include additional mounts/panel connectors to ensure a timely and structurally sound sunMAX installation. 


In order to sync your bill of materials with that list generated by the sunMAX design, click "Sync Ubiquiti Materials with Layout" 


After syncing you will see a list of materials auto-populate as shown in this example:

  • Item
    Each component contains a basic descriptive name, followed below by the associated short product name used in making orders.
  • Unit Price
    MSRP of each product component. You can get list of actual unit price from your Regional sunMAX Distributor.
  • QTY.
    Based on the sunMAX design, an estimated quantity is generated. Make sure to understand what materials you will need for a specific install before ordering the products. If you need to adjust the quantity from the default amount calculated, you can do so here. 
  • Cost
    Total amount for the cost of the quantity of each component needed based on the Unit Price.


  • Estimated Shipping
    Estimate the amount that shipping would cost. If you need numbers for an estimate, reach out to the sunMAX distributor you are purchasing from for a quote.
  • Estimated Tax
    Enter the % of State sales tax where the system is being sold.
  • Materials Total
    Represents total cost after Shipping and Tax are added to the materials costs.

After you have completed these fields, you are ready to continue on to the financial page.


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