sunMAX - How-To: Customer Proposal - Utility Section

The Utility section in the sunMAX proposal tool provides a form where you can enter bill information in behalf of the customer.


Our proposal tool automatically associates the provided address with their appropriate utility provider and bases predictions off of avg. cost for residential and commercial rates of other customers under the same provider. 

Note: If the Utility selected by the proposal tool is incorrect—send an email to sunmaxdesign@ubnt.com.

  • Company Name
    Company name is populated based of the address you provided in your design. 
  • Current Rate Schedule
    Select either "Residential Customer" or "Commercial Customer" from the dropdown box. This will influence calculations as utility rates are dependent on type of customer. 


To enter information for the customer's bill you need to provide one month's worth of utility consumption (measured in kilowatt hours - kWh), and may provide up to 12 months worth of data to ensure the most accurate calculations. The calculator by default assumes an annual increase of 2% to utility rates. 

Once this data has been entered, the sunMAX Proposal Tool will provide estimates for Utility savings and cost-savings growth over the next 25 years with sunMAX. See the following example from an Arizona test site: 



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