sunMAX - How-To: Customer Proposal - Overview

How-To: Create a Customer Proposal

The sunMAX Proposal Tool allows sunMAX sellers to generate an instant personalized customer estimate to demonstrate the value offered by the proposed and designed sunMAX system. The Customer Proposal can equip potential sunMAX customers with the information they need to decide to finalize their purchase. Understanding how to leverage this resource will be critical to the success of your solar business.

Once you have designed the customers proposed sunMAX system in sunMAX Design, as shown below- you are ready to begin the proposal. 

To do so within the customer's designed system, click the button "Create Customer Proposal"

This guide is meant to provide specific instruction on how to use the tool and with examples of a completed proposal. Its contents like the proposal tool, are divided in to five different sections:

  1. Overview - Provides a general explanation of the proposal and a video walking through the use of the proposal tool.
  2. Utility - Presents the Cost-Savings from the proposed sunMAX system using bill analysis data via API (US Customers) or manually defined (EU, World, non-residential US Customers
  3. Bill of Materials - Estimate Shipping + Taxes in addition to Materials cost. Get specific quantities of hardware components needed to complete the install.
  4. Financial - Define the System Cost/Watt (ex. $2.50/W) & Customer Incentives to estimate Customer Savings/ROI/Cash Flow. Adding Provider Expenses (ex. Labor, Permitting) will affect the Provider Revenue/Profit Margin. Loan Financing allows you to present an affordable alternative to Cash Purchase.
  5. Review - Download the final Customer Proposal to PDF to send to review before signing off on the Home Installation & Loan Contracts, then schedule the install.


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