sunMAX - Pre-Sale: Custom Solar Website


A website dedicated to your solar company is an important way to establish presence and collect leads. Here's a few of the most important things that your solar company should include:

  1. Bill Consultation - Whether you link to sunmaxconsult@ubnt.com (our in-house team), or your own mailbox, provide a way for customers to submit Bills (12-mo. recommended) so you can present the potential cost-savings of a sunMAX system through sleek, Customer Proposals.
  2. Savings & Financing - In addition to Savings/Incentives programs (ex. ITC 30% tax credit), highlight the details of the loans offered by your Financing Partner & post a "Pre-Qualify Today" link to the Financing portal.
  3. Case Studies - Link to or provide photos & description of sunMAX Customer Stories. Later, add your own Customer Stories to identify / brand your service with quotes: "'I can't say enough about this solution…design was well thought-out, and easy to deploy.' - Bob, Seattle-WA"
  4. Contact Info - Phone & Email are essential. "Call now for a free consultation, appointment, etc. . .".
  5. Media - Action photos of Installers, Sales Reps, Customers, etc. Video interviews to promote your service & enhance your company's credibility. Post your USRS-certified Badge to assure customers of your familiarity with Ubiquiti's sunMAX platform.

Sample Web Templates

Ubiquiti has developed some sample .CSS / .HTML templates with graphics, text, etc. you can easily customize & quickly publish on the web.

Click here to download: CSS | HTML (under development; UWN template & example)

Feel free to also download & use sunMAX Ad Kits to further customize your website.

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