sunMAX - Pre-Install: Tips & Hints

Structural Support

  • The inventory of parts from sunMAX BOM is a minimum order quantity.
  • Rows of 1-2 panels generally benefit from additional Mounts (SM-RM-* & SM-MA), whereas rows of 3+ panels feature sufficient Mounts to support the array.
    Ex. 1x Panel Row should have 4x Mounts; 2x Panel Row, 4-6x Mounts.


  • Therefore, consider buying 1-2 extra Mounts for each row of 1-2 panels.
  • Despite mounts/panel edges keeping within the maximum cantilever distance, you may decide to shift modules down the row to decrease the cantilever distance & install additional mount(s).
  • Where Panel Connectors & Mounting Assemblies coincide in the same spot, use instead a Connector Mount.


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