sunMAX - Pre-Sale: Sales Pitch


Due to its disruptive price, sunMAX is proven to work in virtually every market.

Your sales pitch should consist of:

  1. What?
    - Grid-tied Solar is a financial investment that saves you thousands of dollars!
    - sunMAX is the most economically viable brand on the market today, backed by warranties from a successful, proven manufacturer since 2005.
  2. How?
    - sunMAX transforms sunlight into energy
    - Energy is immediately available to power your home, or,
    - Energy is sent to the Power Grid for 'credit' to be used later (ex. at night, next bill cycle)
  3. Why us?
    - We're local & we offer the best customer service—before, during & after install.
    - Our simple financing methods give you the best savings in the business.
    - We maintain a close channel with the manufacturer.
  4. When?
    - Now! Analyze Bill & Customer Site.
    - Prepare Customer Proposal.
    - Pre-qualify for loan.
    - Schedule Install.
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