sunMAX - What kinds of roof mounts does sunMAX support?


Officially, Ubiquiti's sunMAX system supports most composite shingle & tile rooftops. The SM-RM-C component serves for all composite & tile rooftops, while a separate tile flashing piece (SM-RM-T) is installed between the layer of tile (above) and the SM-RM-C (below) component.

sunMAX can be installed on metal & other rooftops, albeit unofficially. In place of sunMAX roof mounts (SM-RM-C and SM-RM-T) you can use a 3rd party vendors mounts and follow their instructions.

The listed companies are merely shown for reference / example & not officially endorsed by Ubiquiti.

Metal (Seamless) Roofs

In case you are attaching to the metal sheathing itself, the mount will only be as strong as the attachment clips holding the sheathing itself on. Therefore, you may need to add an extra attachment clip(s) for the roof panel around the areas of the mounts for strength/support.

It's also recommended to increase the quantity of mounts to 2 per panel at each end (2x front; 2x back). This will prevent a bending load on the seams, spreading the load across the sheathing.


  • S-5: clamp & bracket

Flat Rooftops


  • Equilibrium Solar Ecofoot 2
  • Aerocompact 2 S5/S10/S15
  • Schletter Fix Grid
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