sunMAX - Pre-Install: Obtaining Solar Permit


Click here to begin the Permit Application process.

Once you've submitted the information required in the Permit Application software, we produce a Permit Design Package that contains building & electrical plans in the following order:

  1. Title Page - Overview of contents in Permit Design Package
  2. Site Plan - Overlay of Installation Area & Meter / Interconnection locations
  3. Array Plan - Building Plans with site measurements
  4. Elevation - Additional Building plans with side-view & rafter measurements
  5. Single Line Diagram & Wiring Schedule - Electrical information per NEC
  6. Spec Sheets - Ubiquiti Product Datasheets
  7. Labels & Markings - Warnings, etc.
  8. Structural Details - Additional information about system mounting hardware.

Steps to Acquire Permit

After you receive the Permit Design package from the Ubiquiti team, you will need to follow the instructions from your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to submit the Ubiquiti-prepared design package. This may include a monetary payment at time of permit request. After you've submitted, follow-up regularly with your AHJ to find out the status on your permits.


The following images are from a sample Ubiquiti Permit Design Package.

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