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airFiber - Input Voltage


This article describes the input voltage supported as well as power required for the different airFiber models. Please verify each device's Data Sheet and Quick Start Guide before installing.

ATTENTION:All airFiber radios require 4-pair PoE power. Please check that the PoE source used delivers power over the 4-pairs. 2-pair PoE sources could create stability issues because of extremely high current over those 2 pairs. These are not recommended.

Table of Contents

  1. Input and Power Table
  2. Additional Details

Input and Power Table

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Input Voltage

Power Required

AF-5X Lower than 04:18:D6:E3:08:E9 +19Vdc to +25Vdc Up to 15 Watts
AF-5X 04:18:D6:E3:08:E9 or higher +19Vdc to +54Vdc Up to 15 Watts
AF-2X Any date code +23Vdc to +54Vdc Up to 17 Watts
AF-3X Any date code +23Vdc to +54Vdc Up to 17 Watts
AF-4X Any date code +23Vdc to +54Vdc Up to 17 Watts
AF-11FX Any date code +32Vdc to +54Vdc Up to 35 Watts
AF-24 Any date code +42Vdc to +58Vdc, -48Vdc Up to 50 Watts
AF-24HD Any date code +42Vdc to +58Vdc, -48Vdc Up to 50 Watts
AF-5/5U Any date code +42Vdc to +58Vdc, -48Vdc Up to 40 Watts 
AF-5XHD Any date code +19Vdc to +54Vdc Up to 15 Watts
AF60 Any date code +22 to +26VDC Up to 11 Watts
AF60-LR Any date code 48VDC ± 10% Up to 18 Watts

Additional Details

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  • Only AF-24, AF-24HD, AF-5/5U support -48V power source.
  • Original airFiber 5X design only supported 24Vdc input. However units with MAC address 04:18:D6:E3:08:E9 or higher support input voltages +19Vdc to +53Vdc.
  • Since airFiber 2X, 3X and 4X have been released after AF-5X, all AF-2X/3X/4X models support up to +53Vdc. But, since it consumes slightly higher power, it requires higher minimum voltage +23Vdc.
  • The AF-11FX comes with a DC input connector, so it can be powered via PoE and/or direct DC cable using the DC input connector.
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