sunMAX - Pre-Sale: Loan Partners & Process


Ubiquiti has identified a couple of US loan providers that offer competitive loans for potential solar customers, including loans for home improvement (ex. new roof).

  1. Sungage Financial [recommended; CA/CO/CT/DE/DC/MD/MA/NH/NJ/NY/OR/TX/VT]
    Sungage Financial is an ultra-competitive financing partner that specializes in Solar Loans with sunMAX Systems (for which Ubiquiti is an Approved Vendor). To get started, consult the Sungage Installer Portal, then fill out the new Installer request form. You will be later contacted by a member of the Sungage Financial team to schedule a quick phone interview. Feel free to request that a member of the sunMAX Team join you on the scheduled phone call to assist during the initial screening process.

  2. Medallion Bank [recommended; nationwide]
    Medallion Bank works with Contractors to offer customers a) Solar, and, 2) Home Improvement Loans up to $50,000, rates as low as 2.99%, and FICO scores 680+. To get started:

    To: "homeimprovement@medallionbank.com"
    Subject: "Solar Loan - Ubiquiti sunMAX Contractor [Your Name]"
    "I'm a Solar Contractor working with Ubiquiti sunMAX systems; I would like to offer Solar Loans to my Customers via Medallion Bank. Please send me info to get started as a Contractor with your Solar Loan Programs (Plans 103 & 113)."

  3. PACE Financing [recommended; 25/50 US States]
    PACE programs are popular programs to support commercial & residential energy projects, requiring no money down. For a complete list of PACE programs nationwide, check out Pure Energies website.

  4. Admirals Bank [nationwide]
    Admirals Bank works with solar contractors to offer secured & unsecured, Title I Home Improvement Loans to customers through FHA Programs. To get started, fill out & send the Contractor Application listed below to:

    To: "tmorris@admiralsbank.com"
    Subject: "Title One Solar Loans - Ubiquiti sunMAX Contractor [Your Name]"
    "I'm a Solar Contractor working with Ubiquiti sunMAX systems; I would like to offer Solar Loans to my customers via Admirals Bank. Please see my Contractor Application attached."

  5. Hero Program (California only) 
    Hero provides a PACE affiliated financing option for homeowners that is based on equity and offers long-term financing options up to 25 years with low rates. As sunMAX module and microinverter are on California's list of approved solar hardware (For more info, see list of sunMAX regional certifications), all that is needed for eligibility is to complete a free contractor application at Hero's website, here. For new contractors, Hero provides free training for their financing program on their website. 

  6. Your Local Bank
    You may decide to engage local banks to see whether they can flexible, competitive Solar Loans to your customers. An example pitch to your local bank may be:
    1 - We provide Internet & related telco services to a large, local network of customers, and now seek to offer solar as a means to reduce their monthly energy bills.
    2 - As an ISP, we have a technical background + familiarity with our manufacturer's Grid-tied kit and received training to install.
    3 - We partner today with Electrician who is insured/bonded & carries an active Contractor’s license in our state/jurisdiction to legally sell/install solar."
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